Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair

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Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair
Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair
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If Gilligan and the Skipper had Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair by Don Casey, then they would have been off that island in a couple days. Caseyís expert knowledge in hull and deck repair shines through as he hand holds readers with step-by-step instructions. Itís ideal for the beginner that may have no previous knowledge of hull and deck design as well as those that have been boating for years.

Letís face it, if you have a hole in your boat, then youíre not going to be doing a lot of seafaring. Hull repair is a lot more complicated than you might think. Itís not just as simple as plugging a hole or sealing a few cracks. There are many small decisions involved before you even touch the hull of the ship. Donít be caught stranded without this book. It will lead you through a variety of repairs and keep your boat in tip top shape.

Casey created the worldís leading reference with plenty of illustrations to navigate sealing joints, replacing port lights, fixing cracks, locating leaks and giving your hull back its shine. There are sections about sealing types, core problems and other projects from the big to the small. Casey has been involved with the sailing world for decades and is considered an expert in the field.

He wrote best-selling books and his articles appeared in countless boating magazines. If youíre looking for a comprehensive book on your shipís hull and how to repair it, then Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair is the only reference youíll need.

Subject: Instructions and procedures to repair sailboat's hull and decks. ISBN-10: 0070133697 | ISBN-13: 9780070133693 | McGraw-Hill 33697

  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Author: Don Casey
  • Pages: 128 - Over 200 b&w illustrations
  • Binding: Hardcover - 7.5 x 9.5 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-07-013369-3
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Introduction Leaks
Choosing a Sealant | Rebedding Deck Hardware | Preparing a Cored Deck for New Hardware | Sealing Chainplates | Sealing Portholes — A Temporary Solution | Rebedding Deadlights | Replacing Portlights | Mast Boots | Hull-to-Deck Joint | Centerboard Trunks | Through-Hull Fittings | Pressurizing to Find Leaks Restoring the Gloss
Buffing | Sanding | Scratch Repair Deck Repairs
Stress Cracks | Voids | Crazing (Alligatoring) | Renewing Nonskid | Teak Decks Laminate Repair
Understanding Polyester Resin | Grinding Is Essential | The Basics of Fiberglass Lay-up | When to Use Epoxy Core Problems
Delamination | Wet Core | Damaged Core | Reinstalling the Skin | Strengthening | Stiffening a Skin Hull Repairs
Gouges | Blisters | Impact Damage Keel and Rudder Damage
Weeping Keel | Keel/Centerboard Pivot Problems | Hull Damage Around Fins and Skegs | Damaged Rudder | Blade/Shaft Movement | External Ballast
Questions & Answers about Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair

Questions & Answers about Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair

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Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair
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