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You'll discover Porsche service manuals and repair manuals produced by Bentley and Haynes Publishing. And that's not all - you'll also find Porsche restoration manuals, identification guides, and general information books, which are essential if you would like to know more about your car, or are planning on buying a Porsche.

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Porsche - Compelling and Enduring

The Porsche 911 has been called both a living legend and a perpetual classic - a car that has been in production since 1963, yet in many ways more relevant today than it was in the beginning.

If you own a Porsche, you'll want to know how to keep it at maximum performance. The repair manuals listed here will guide you with step-by-step instructions for doing your own work on the car.

Some jobs may require a trip back to the dealer, but even in those cases, reading the right chapter of the repair manual can assist you immensely when discussing repairs with the service manager or mechanic.

In the late 1970s the Porsche 924 was produced with a front engine, which started the evolution design for the Porsche 944 in the 1980s. Here at the Motor Bookstore you'll find repair manuals for both the 924 and the 944, plus a service manual for the 986 Boxster in which the brand-new, water-cooled, horizontally-opposed "Boxer" engine is positioned right behind the cockpit. ("Boxer" plus "roadster" equals "Boxster").

All the Porsche repair manuals available from The Motor Bookstore are comprehensive sources of technical specifications, exploded view diagrams, details and instructions for the do-it-yourselfer and the professional mechanic.