Packard OEM Factory Service Manuals

Packard OEM Factory Service Manuals - Printed Reproductions

People familiar with Packard know that they had a well-earned reputation for building world class automobiles. With innovative designs and solid construction, it didn't take long for Packard models to find their place at the top of the high-priced car market along side such marques as Rolls Royce. From 1899 to the 1950s, Packard continued to roll out fine cars. As good as their cars are, eventually all vehicles will need service and repair. When that time comes, The Motor Bookstore has you covered. We proudly offer reproduction service manuals with all of the content written by the experts at Packard (back when these beauties were brand new) to keep these great cars in peak condition.

Typical Content of a Packard Factory Service Manual

The standard Packard service manual is loaded with a comprehensive package of maintenance and repair information needed for repair and maintenance on these fine cars. Addressing all areas of these classic autos, you'll quickly appreciate the detailed, step by step text instructions which have been handily paired with a large variety and number of visual aids to give you the confidence and knowledge to get the jobs done right. Factory specs are available at your finger tips. These detailed manuals were written by the automaker and originally supplied to their dealership mechanics, so you can be sure they are accurate, complete and organized to tackle the service and repair tasks in an efficient manner. Containing all of the original content, these freshly-printed and packaged manuals provide the details you need. They're the definitive sources of information for servicing these classic models.

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