Oldsmobile Repair Manuals

Oldsmobile Car Repair & Service Manuals

Teamwork is important, especially when you need information for working on your Oldsmobile car. Having a repair manual from the Motor Bookstore is almost like having a second pair of hands to help you repair, maintain, or service your car. In fact, the Chilton and Haynes repair manuals are written by mechanics who disassembled and reassembled the Oldsmobiles featured in the manuals. Their hands-on experiences are recorded in the books with photographs, diagrams, tips, and step by step instructions for guiding you in the projects you are planning. Also Available: OEM Oldsmobile Repair Manuals on CD 1936-1975

Fix, Service, and Maintain Your Olds

Maybe you've never serviced your car at home but hope to learn how. Even a simple oil and filter change requires a bit of information - rely on the Chilton or Haynes manual to get you started. Read the step-by-step instructions, gather your supplies and tools, and go ahead with your project on your Oldsmobile.

Or perhaps you are an experienced do-it-yourself mechanic. Chilton and Hanyes manuals are loaded with everything you need to know for repairing most of the major components on your car. You can identify specific problems with the troubleshooting charts and move right along into the repair procedure described in the manual.

Engine repair, brake replacement, emission controls, fuel and exhaust system repairs are all covered, to name a few. Click on the book that covers your model and year Oldsmobile for details about the repair manual.

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