New Hemi Engines (2003 to Present): How to Build Max Performance by CarTech Books

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New HEMI Engines: How-To Maximize Performance 2003-Up
New HEMI Engines: How-To Maximize Performance 2003-Up
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Like the title says, New Hemi Engines (2003 to Present): How to Build Max Performance is going to show every garage jockey, student and journeyman mechanic how to maximize third-generation hemi engine performance. This book takes even the most complicated Hemi project and lays it out in simple to follow language giving everyone the opportunity to manage production intake manifolds, air/fuel ratios, EFI systems, oil paths, pumps, pans and filters, ring and piston prep, rocker arms, ratio, shafts and stands, valve springs, engine swaps and much, much more.

Knowing how to maximize third-generation hemi engine performance includes understanding the complete ignition system: spark plugs, switches, ECM, coils, wiring, starter, battery, ground straps and sensors, and how the computer reacts to all of them. Itís about knowing and choosing FAST ignition kits and AEM programmable ECMs. It includes instructions for using your personal PC devices to change the fuel and spark maps on your hemi. This book is a workshop for mufflers, bearings, connecting rods, exhaust gaskets and pipes, and managing compression ratios. It also features extensive coverage of aftermarket superchargers and installation.

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Used in popular Chrysler vehicles like the Ram, Charger and Challenger, these engines are known for power and stamina. They produce no less than one horsepower per cubic inch and only improved in performance since the 2003 launch. With displacements of 5.7, 6.1, 6.2 and 6.4 liters, the auto maker continues to improve upon an already reliable entity. After adding the Demon and Hellcat 6.2 liter supercharged engines to the production, Chrysler generates the most powerful production engines ever with, respectively, horsepower of 840 and 707.

Yet, for all its complexity and power, you can use this maximize third-generation hemi engine performance tome to modify and port these engines, enhancing characteristics and potential throughout. New Hemi Engines (2003 to Present): How to Build Max Performance should be on the shelf of every Hemi owner.

About the Author
Award-winning writer Larry Shepard is the mind behind Jeep 4.0 Engines, How to Hot Rod Small-Block Mopar Engines and Mopar Small-Block Engine. New Hemi Engines (2003 to Present): How to Build Max Performance is culled from his rich history with Chrysler.

Subject: New Hemi Engines (2003 to Present): How to Build Max Performance by CarTech Books. ISBN-10: 1613253575 | ISBN-13: 9781613253403 | CarTech Books SA404

  • Publisher: CarTech Books
  • Author: Larry Shepard
  • Pages: 144 - Over 320 Color photos and illustratons
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-61325-357-1
  • Years: 2003 - 2021
Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Brief Hemi History 
Production Engines 
Custom Engine Packages 
Car and Truck Models 
Optional Performance Packages for Car Models 
Custom Production Cars 
Crate Engine 

Chapter 2: Blocks 
Basic Design 
Engine Details 
Crate Engines 
Performance Packages 
Machining Operations 
Max-Performance Technology 

Chapter 3: Crankshafts and Connecting Rods 
Production Cranks 
Crank Prep 
Crank Dampeners 
Front Cover 
Crank Upgrades 
Aftermarket Options 
Connecting Rods 
Rod Upgrades 
Rod Prep 

Chapter 4: Pistons and Rings 
CC-ing Procedure 
Compression Ratio 
Piston Upgrades 
Aftermarket Options 
Piston and Ring Prep 
Piston Pins 
Piston Rings 

Chapter 5: Lubrication System 
System Components 
Oil Path 
Oil Pump 
Oil Pans 
Oil Filters
Oiling System Upgrades 
Dry Sump 
Vacuum Pump 

Chapter 6: Camshaft, Lifters and Cam Drive 
Camshaft Technology 
Valvetrain Geometry 
Installation Basics 
Camshaft and Spring Upgrades 
Performance Packages 
High-Performance and Race Cams 

Chapter 7: Cylinder Heads 
Aluminum Cylinder Heads 
Aftermarket Offerings 
Racing Heads 
CNC Porting 
The Engine ďTeamĒ 
Seats and Guides 
Head Gaskets 
Head Bolts 

Chapter 8: Valvetrain 
Rocker Arms 
Rocker Ratio 
Rocker Shafts 
Rocker Stands 
Coil Bind 
Retainers, Keepers and Seals 

Chapter 9: Intake Manifold and Fuel System 
Production Intake Manifolds 
Aftermarket Intake Manifolds 
Manifold Types 
Intake Manifold Upgrades 
MPI Fuel System 
Throttle Bodies 
EFI System 
Intake Gaskets 
Air Cleaners 

Chapter 10: Ignition System 
Brief Overview 
Advance Curve 
Spark Advance 
Crank Position Sensor 
Mopar Scat Pack Kits 
Aftermarket Options 
System Upgrades 

Chapter 11: Supercharging 
Knock Sensors 
Belt Drive 
Supercharger Basics 
A Few Supercharger Tips 
Aftermarket Sources 
Nitrous Oxide 

Chapter 12: Exhaust System 
Catalytic Converter 
Exhaust Bolt Pattern 
Engine Swaps 
Oxygen Sensor 
Exhaust Pipes 
Exhaust Gaskets 
Cat-Back System 

Chapter 13: Engine Break-In and Timing 
Dyno Overview 
Basic Tests 
Air/Fuel Ratio 
Tuning for Power
Nitrous Oxide 

Appendix A: Bolt Torque Specifications 
Appendix B: Engine Clearances 

Source Guide 

Questions & Answers about New HEMI Engines: How-To Maximize Performance 2003-Up

Questions & Answers about New HEMI Engines: How-To Maximize Performance 2003-Up

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New Hemi Engines (2003 to Present): How to Build Max Performance by CarTech Books
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