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Mitsubishi Repair Manuals: Maintenance, Service, Repair by Haynes & Chilton Manuals

Repair Manuals for Mitsubishi cars.
Repair Manuals for Mitsubishi Pickup Trucks.

These extremely detailed Chilton and Haynes Mitsubishi repair manuals are a valuable resource for both do-it-yourself Mitsubishi owners and expert mechanics. For each of these manuals, experienced mechanics disassemble a project car and then reassemble it to provide comprehensive step-by-step instructions for each task. These Haynes and Chilton Mitsubishi manuals include many photographs, exploded view diagrams and charts for troubleshooting problems. There is also a handy index so you can go directly to the section you need.

A small sampling of the major systems and tasks you'll find covered in these Mitsubishi service manuals include engine repair, fuel and exhaust system, tune-ups, cooling and heating system and emissions system. For help in chasing down an electrical issue, there are detailed wiring diagrams. Engine overhauls are made easier with complete instructions on how to disassemble and rebuild all of an engine's components. Expert Mitsubishi mechanics will find many tips and tricks in these manuals that will streamline maintenance and repair projects.

Many different makes and models of Mitsubishi cars, SUVs and trucks are represented here, such as the Eclipse, Galant, Mirage, Eagle Talon, Diamante, pickup trucks from 1983-1996 and Mighty-Max and Montero sport utility vehicles from 1983 to 1995.