Lexus Repair Manuals

Lexus Car Repair & Service Manuals

If you are searching for an easy-to-use repair manual for your Lexus ES300 or 330, you're at the right place! Here at The Motor Bookstore you'll find Chilton and Haynes manuals intended for the do-it-yourself mechanic, so you can repair, maintain and service your Lexus.

Lexus DIY Repair & Service Manuals

The aftermarket repair manuals available here at The Motor Bookstore for your Lexus have step-by-step instructions for the repair, service and maintainence projects you may want to perfom at home. We've said it before and it is worth repeating: Not every job requires a trip back to the dealer's service department.

Begin with a few tools (the books will guide you in selecting tools), adequate lighting, and a protected area and rely on the information in the manual to show you how to perform a basic oil change or headlamp replacement, to more complex projects like a brake job or even an engine rebuild.

Need to replace a body quarterpanel or install a new sound system? The repair manual will guide you in disassembly and reassembly to make the job go smoothly.

Written by experienced professional mechanics, these books are far more detailed than the limited information than an owner's manual (in the glovebox) can provide. These are technical reference books that allow do-it-yourself "weekend" mechanics to take care of their own vehicles, at home, complete with torque specs and wiring diagrams.

Add a Chilton or Haynes repair manual to your Lexus library, and if your car model is not listed, check back with us, as new books are published periodically.