1979 - 2001 Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual by Cyclepedia - PRINT

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Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001
Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001
Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001
Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001
Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001
Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001
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This Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001 is a high-quality service and repair manual published by Cyclepedia Press LLC. If you’re looking for complete and accurate maintenance and overhaul information for your spunky lime-green machine, then this comprehensive guide is definitely for you!

Cyclepedia was created out of a strong desire to fill the gap of information available for the do-it-yourself (DIY) people. You’ll find that not only do these great shop manuals fully deliver in that regard, but they do it with an excellent level of detail which comes straight from the experts. You’ll not only save time and money by doing it yourself, but you can take pride in your accomplishments and also be prepared should problems arise on the trails, at the track or wherever these capable bikes take you.


  • 1979 KE100-A8 (US model) – starting w/ frame #G5-126001
  • 1980 KE100-A9 (US model) – starting w/ frame #G5-134101
  • 1981 KE100-A10 (US model) – starting w/ frame #G5-144901 or JKAKETA1 ♢ BA146431
  • 1982 KE100-B1 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ CA000001 or KE100B-000001
  • 1983 KE100-B2 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ DA004001 or KE100B-004001
  • 1984 KE100-B3 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ EA007101 or KE100B-007101
  • 1985 KE100-B4 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ FA009201 or KE100B-009201
  • 1986 KE100-B5 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ GA010501 or KE100B-010501
  • 1987 KE100-B6 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ HA013301 or KE100B-013301
  • 1988 KE100-B7 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ JA016001 or KE100B-016001
  • 1989 KE100-B8 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ KA019001 or KE100B-019001
  • 1990 KE100-B9 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ LA025001 or KE100B-025001
  • 1991 KE100-B10 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ MA024001 or KE100B-024001
  • 1992 KE100-B11 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ NC030001 or KE100B-030001
  • 1993 KE100-B12 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ PC032002
  • 1994 KE100-B13 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ RC035702 or KE100B-035702
  • 1995 KE100-B14 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ SC039102
  • 1996 KE100-B15 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ TC041602 or KE100B-041602
  • 1997 KE100-B16
  • 1998 KE100-B17
  • 1999 KE100-B18
  • 2000 KE100-B19 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ YC048802
  • 2001 KE100-B20 – starting w/ frame JKAKETB1 ♢ IC050700

Please notice that this fine book covers models from 1979 to 2001. You can’t have a model run cover a massive span of years like that unless you have a fantastic and popular product. There’s no doubt, these well-liked, little two-strokes are flat-out fun to ride. No matter how well they are constructed, sooner or later, every machine requires maintenance and repair. When that time comes, you’re going to want to have the tools to keep yours running at its best. This hefty manual is the first tool you should have in hand. It delivers the proper specifications, including torque specs and procedures for service and repair. Take a moment to check out the Table of Contents section on this page to see just how thoroughly this sturdy guide has been prepared. You’ll find it’s completely packed with an enormous amount of information about all kinds of tasks for your beloved bike.

In addition to the expertly written text, you’ll love all of the detailed black and white photographs and wiring diagrams included to make sure that you have a full understanding of each task. You can also take comfort in knowing that all of the step-by-step procedures were performed and written by a veteran, professional Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic.

The Motor Bookstore believes this Kawasaki KE100 Cyclepedia DIY motorcycle manual is a great resource because of the following characteristics:

  • Printed Book Purchase - Includes 1 Year Subscription to Color Online Manual Free - Contact us after purchase to setup the online account.
  • Was written by a Kawasaki trained mechanic.
  • Focuses on the KE100 models only.
  • 321 pages of detailed rebuild / repair information.
  • Quality Paper - not cheap newspaper quality like so many other books.
  • Logical and straight forward organization - doesn't jump around.
  • Comb Spiral Binding so the manual lays open nicely on your bench.
  • Color Wiring Diagrams Included.
  • Specifications section with detailed specs that include torque specifications.

This professionally written Cyclepedia service manual is perfect for service, repairs, maintenance, and rebuild projects for your Kawasaki KE100 motorcycle. Clear illustrations and photos show exploded views as well as component details to enhance the step-by-step service and repair procedures.

Subject: Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual - Includes Detailed Service, Repair & Maintenance Instructions / Procedures. | Cyclepedia CPP-301

  • Publisher: Cyclepedia Press LLC
  • Pages: 321 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Comb Binding - 11 x 8.5 inches
  • Years: 1979 - 2001
Table of Contents
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Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001 - Table of Contents Page 2
Questions & Answers about Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001

Questions & Answers about Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual: 1979-2001

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1979 - 2001 Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual by Cyclepedia - PRINT
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