Jeep, Dana and Chrysler Differentials

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Jeep, Dana and Chrysler Differentials
Jeep, Dana and Chrysler Differentials
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Jeep, Dana and Chrysler Differentials: How to Rebuild & Upgrade the Chrysler 8 1/4, 8 3/4, Dana 44 & 60 & AMC 20

The Jeep, Dana & Chrysler Differentials how-to manual, by Larry Shepard, provides all of the necessary step-by-step information to help you tear down, rebuild, and upgrade many popular Dana, Chrysler and BorgWarner differentials, including: the Chrysler 8.25, 8.75, Dana 44, Dana 60 and AMC 20 differentials.

These differentials have been used in millions of Chrysler, Jeep and AMC vehicles during the past 40 years. The Dana 60 and BorgWarner Sure-Grip differentials are commonly used in high performance vehicles such as the Charger, Barracuda, Challenger and other muscle cars made by Chrysler. The Dana 44 and AMC 20 differentials are utilized in Jeep CJs and Jeep Cherokees.

The author, Larry Shepard, has written several outstanding DIY manuals, currently available at TheMotorBookstore. Larry is a long time Chrysler engineer at the Mopar Performance division, which is the high performance parts division of Chrysler. His expertise is masterfully leveraged in this how to guide to provide the tips, advice and step by step instructions you need to get your project done right, the first time.

This "workbench book" style do-it-yourself manual includes detailed color illustrations and photographs to provide an excellent visual example for each and every step. The Workbench Series manual also provides tips and guidance on topics such as: special tools, high performance upgrades, optimal ratio selection, critical inspections, torque fasteners, precision measurements, saving money and much, much more.

Subject: Jeep, Dana & Chrysler Differentials how-to rebuild manual ISBN-10: 1613250495 | ISBN-13: 9781613250495 | Cartech Books SA253

  • Publisher: CarTech Books
  • Author: Larry Shepard
  • Pages: 176 - Over 400 color photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-61325-049-5
Table of Contents
  • Rear Axle
    • Operation | Identification | Specifications and Selection | Suspension
  • Preparation Overview
    • Inspection | Terms and Setup | Tools and Equipment
  • Disassembly Steps
    • Axle Assembly Removal | Axle Shaft Removal | Axle Cover or Pig Removal
    • Rebuild Kits | Swedged Axle Tubes | FWD Differentials
    • Disconnecting the Driveshaft | General Disassembly | Brake Lines
    • Electric Wires | C-Clips | Differential Case Change | Aftermarket Sources
  • AMC Differential Rebuild
    • Identifying AMC Rear Ends | Things to Check
    • AMC 20 OTB Carrier-Tube Axle | Disassembly | Cleaning and Inspection
    • Prep for Differential Disassemble | Rear Gear Installation | Axle Shaft Assembly and Installation
    • New Rear Axle Gear Set Break-In | AMC 20 Upgrades
  • Chrysler Axle Assembly Rebuilds
    • Identifying Chrysler Rear Ends | Things to Check
    • Chrysler 8.75 Inch Banjo Axle | Disassembly | Assembly | Differential and Carrier
    • Chrysler Carrier-Tube Axle | Disassembly | Cleaning, Inspection and Assembly
    • New Rear Axle Gear Set Break-In | Chrysler Banjo Upgrades
  • Dana Rear End Rebuilds
    • Identifying Dana Rear Ends | Things to Check
    • Dana Carrier-Tube Axle | Disassembly | Cleaning & Inspection | Assembly
    • Dana Differential Assembly | Axle Shaft Assemble and Installation
    • New Rear Axle Gear Set Break-In | Dana Upgrades
  • The Differential Chapter
    • Parts | History | Production Types: Open, Limited-Slip, Locker, Torque-Sensing, and Spool
    • Special Case 1 | Special Case 2 | Open Differential Disassemble and Assemble
    • Production Limited-Slip | Power-Loc Sure-Grip | Two-Piece Trac-Loc Sure-Grip
    • One-Piece Dana and AMC 20 | Limited Slip | Aftermarket Choices: Limited-Slip, Locker, Torque-Sensing, Spool | Cross-Shaft Hardware
  • Ring and Pinion Gears Section
    • Gear Tech | Off-Road Ratios | Vehicle Performance | Reverse-Cut Gears
    • Heat-Treat and Material | Cross-Shafts and C-Clips | Special Differential Housings
  • Axle Shafts & Housings
    • Production Axle Shafts | High Performance Aftermarket Axles
    • Axle Housings | Brackets | Upgrades and Swapping
  • Axle Hardware Details
    • Yokes | U-Joints | Driveshafts | Pinion Snubbers
    • Brakes | Rear Covers | Axle Lubes
  • Axle Spec Chart and Source Guide
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Questions & Answers about Jeep, Dana and Chrysler Differentials

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Jeep, Dana and Chrysler Differentials
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