Jaguar Repair Manuals

Jaguar Car Repair & Service Manuals

You've arrived at the right place to find a repair manual for your Jaguar. You can choose either a Chilton or Haynes manual, both loaded with easy to understand, step-by-step instructions and clear photos and illustrations to help you perform maintenance and repair jobs, from the simplest such as an oil change to the more complex projects, like rebuilding the engine.

For some Jaguar models, we carry top-quality, officially-sanctioned factory repair manuals. Browse through our selection - you are sure to find the Jaguar repair manual you need for your vehicle.

Factory or aftermarket manual?

Many people call or email us to ask, "What's the difference between a factory-issued manual and an aftermarket manual by Chilton or Haynes."

The short answer: The main differences are in the presentation of the information.

The Chilton or Haynes manual will have step-by-step instructions, tips and techniques, and cautionary statements that are included in the text by the mechanics, writers and photographers who disassembled and reassembled the project Jaguar car. A do-it-yourself mechanic will find this type of information very valuable as it can help save time and energy.

A Jaguar factory manual is published by the vehicle manufacturer and is intended for the professional mechanic. This Jaguar shop manual from the factory assumes the mechanic is familiar with the lingo or terms of the trade and has the necessary tools specific to the task he is working on.

Can a do-it-yourself mechanic use a factory manual? Absolutely!

For example, a Jaguar factory manual often has more details in the exploded views, including part numbers. Sometimes just studying a diagram will solve the problem you are trying to fix.

Factory repair manuals usually provide information for a specific year model, while aftermarket manuals usually cover a range of models and years.

Finally, not all makes and models are covered by aftermarket repair manuals. Sometimes a factory repair manual is the only publication available.