How To Pinstripe Books & Guides

How To Pinstripe: Secrets From the Masters. Books and How-To Guides

Combine your love for vehicles with an interest in colorful and intricate artwork with books and guides on how to pinstripe available at The Motor Bookstore. Written and illustrated by some of the foremost artists in the field of pinstriping, these manuals provide a roadmap that will help any budding artist learn how to add brilliant flourishes to a motorcycle, auto, boat or even a guitar with techniques that highlight why certain color combinations might work better in a particular application, which brushes to use and which paints to choose. Learn the right way to prep surfaces and how to stripe freehand as well as how to employ patterns. Get these colorful and densely illustrated manuals from The Motor Bookstore and pay nothing extra in shipping charges. And your manual will ship within one business day of your order.