Ford, Lincoln, & Mercury Restoration Manuals

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Restoration Manuals, Guides, Books

If you own a classic vintage vehicle from the Ford family and are into overhauling and restoring cars, check out the selection of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury restoration manuals available at The Motor Bookstore. Learn how to restore old Thunderbirds, Cougars, Ford pickups, Torinos, Galaxys, Monarchs, Falcons and more with these informative and illustrated volumes. Muscle car enthusiasts will delight in the step-by-step guidelines to overhauling and restoring their classic American car. There is also information on how to find casting numbers and parts numbers, decoding serial numbers and where to find the best bargains on parts that are difficult to track down. Get information on oil and filter changes, basic tune-ups and engine, transmission, brake and electrical work. You will also discover valuable tips for the best performance possible.