Ford, Fordson Tractor Repair Manuals

When it comes to performing maintenance, service or repairs on your Ford-Fordson farm tractor, nothing beats having the correct information at your fingertips. That's why we at The Motor Bookstore have made it our job to locate and offer a great selection of Ford tractor service manuals and repair manuals from I&T Shop Service and the factory.

Not every service or repair task requires a trip back to the shop or dealer. Anyone with basic mechanical ability, a decent selection of tools, and the desire to learn the steps required to take care of a problem with their Ford farm tractor can tackle the job with confidence once the procedures required to solve the issue have been explained. And this is the what the I&T and factory Ford tractor manuals do. They provide the right information so you can fix your tractor.

Restored 1944 Ford 2N

Restored 1944 Ford 2N and 1952 Ford 8N

Above: John Stanton's fully restored 1944 Ford 2N (also has the steel wheels) and 1952 Ford 8N. Brookfield, MA.