Dodge Car Factory Service / Shop Manuals - OEM

Dodge Car Factory Service / Shop Manuals - Dart, Charger, Challenger, Coronet, Polara

Explore service manuals printed at the same time your car rolled out of the factory with our great selection of Dodge factory service manuals. This collection includes manuals for Dodge vehicles from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Whether you want to look at wiring diagrams from the Dodge Challenger or restore your Polara from the ground up, our Dodge library includes the right Dodge factory service manual for your exact restoration goals.

These are high-quality, brand new items with clear images. Manuals cover vehicle assembly, repair, service and maintenance and are absolutely perfect as a gift for your favorite grease monkey or any serious Dodge restorer. Be sure to click on each title to find out which vehicles are covered in the specific manuals and explore the table of contents. The Motor Bookstore offers a complete selection of Dodge car repair manuals with more great publications.

Five Reasons to Buy Dodge Factory Service Manuals

There are many benefits to owning factory written service manuals. Here are just five.

REASON ONE: They provide the CORRECT information. These manuals contain the factory specifications for torque sequence and tightness. Do the jobs right by using the instructions written by the experts. Torquing things to the right spec keeps them in place and functioning as designed. Safety first!

REASON TWO: They present the information thoroughly. Most of these licensed reprint manuals contain a huge number and variety of excellent visual aids. You'll find black and white photographs, illustrations, tables, charts and host of other guides to be sure understand the projects beyond the well-written text. Often there are wiring diagrams available.

REASON THREE: They are full of useful information. Many of these manuals tell you how to decode your vehicle identification number (VIN) tag. You'll know how your car was equipped from the factory. It will also show you which tools you'll need BEFORE starting a project.

REASON FOUR: They offer detail not found in most aftermarket manuals. These licensed reprints contain the entire content from the automaker. On big jobs, many aftermarket manuals will not provide the instructions, but instead recommend taking it to a professional. The factory service manuals, on the other hand, were written FOR the professionals. These manuals are comprehensive.

REASON FIVE: They can save time and prevent damage By presenting the material in great detail with text instructions, as well as the great selection of visual aids, you'll know what needs to be removed, what doesn't and the correct sequence for disassembly and assembly. You'll know about "hidden" fasteners without finding out the hard way.