Corvette Service Manuals

Corvette Service Manuals: Haynes, Chilton, Factory, Plus Restoration Guides, Owner's Manuals, etc.

Whether you are performing basic maintenance or service, repairing your Vette, or performing a ground-up restoration, you'll benefit from having a Corvette repair manual, service manual or restoration guide by your side.

You'll find repair manuals for 1960s through 1990s models, a Corvette builder's guide, owner's manuals and a book about the automobile's developmental history. There are Chevy service manuals through the years, shop manual supplements, modification guides, vintage servicing guides and wiring diagrams, engine swap and rebuild books, factory assembly manuals and restoration guides. We even have sales brochures for the earliest Corvette models. It's a treasure trove for Corvette enthusiasts and those involved in restoration.

Want a CD-ROM? Several Corvette factory service manuals are available on CD-ROM.

1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Above: Sasha La Greide poses with her uncle's 1962 Corvette.