Corvette Factory Service Manuals

Corvette fans love to reference and collect these thorough vintage Corvette factory manuals. The Motor Bookstore carries official reprints of original Corvette shop manuals dating back to the first-generation Corvette plus in-depth Corvette chassis manuals featuring clear illustrations showing exploded views and detailed components. Vintage Corvette servicing guides will help Corvette restorers and DIY repair enthusiasts get essential information on all components of the vehicle, from its electrical system to the clutch and controls.

We carry the hard-to-find 1963 Corvette factory service manual as well as the early Corvette wiring diagrams that will help you restore and service your 1953-1976 Corvette. Manuals feature part numbers (when required) as well as part locations for easy identification and restoration. These books make excellent gifts for Corvette enthusiasts or those performing ground-up restoration. Check out The Motor Bookstore's complete selection of Corvette books for references covering all gens of Corvettes, ranging from C1 to C7.