Buick Factory Service Manuals

Vintage Buick collectors, enthusiasts and restorers love to dive into these Buick OEM Factory Repair Manuals covering Buicks from 1925 to 1970. Packed with photos and detailed illustrations that Buick fans enjoy plus helpful auto information like part numbers (when appropriate) and part locations, these vintage Buick manuals are a real treat to explore. Whether you want to overhaul the steering on your Series 40 or check out original factory accessories, these books and manuals are a must. They are brand-new GM-licensed reprints, so you can be sure you'll get a brand-new copy.

Some of these manuals even feature detailed wiring diagrams covering every system and component - including Buick's straight-eight, valve-in-head engine - for DIY service information or to help you bone up on your engineering knowledge. The cars covered in these manuals include Series 40, Series, 50, Series 60, Series 70, Series 80 and Series 90. If you don't see the appropriate Buick service manual for your model, don't hesitate to contact TheMotorBookstore.com. Our friendly customer service is always glad to guide you toward the right resources.

Old Buick Automobile Photo