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BMW Car, SUV Repair Manuals: Maintenance, Service, Repair by Haynes, Chilton, Bentley

Repair Manuals for BMW automobiles.
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Whether you own a BMW or you repair BMWs for a living, you'll find a lot of valuable information in these Haynes, Bentley and Chilton BMW repair manuals. Do you need to troubleshoot a braking issue, trace an electrical short or recondition the engine? These BMW manuals include detailed instructions for every project, complete with photographs and illustrations. Expert mechanics will find many useful tips and tricks to streamline and simplify repairs.

There are also BMW service manuals that you can use to keep your prize possession in top condition. Many models and years are covered, including the 2004-2010 X3 (E83), 1988-1994 BMW 7 Series (E32), 1999-2005 BMW 3-Series and 1970-1988 BMW coupes and sedans. You'll also find restoration guides, enthusiasts' companion books and BMW performance guides - basically, everything you need to know about your Bimmer.

Note: In addition to cars and Sport Utility Vehicles, BMW also manufactures a popular line of motorcycles.