Auto Detailing How-To Books

Auto Detailing: Make Your Vehicle Look Its Best - Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Jeep, etc.

Car enthusiasts who are every bit as interested in appearance as they are in performance want their vehicles to look astounding, and the selection of how-to books on auto detailing available at The Motor Bookstore can go a long way toward helping meet that goal. Why take your car to be detailed professionally when you can learn the secrets to dazzling detailing and do it yourself for a lot less money--and a lot more fun. Whether you have new wheels or a classic car, these manuals will teach you how to clean the paint, the underbelly, the interior, the wheels, the hubcaps, the chrome and even the components under the hood. Full color photos and step-by-step instructions accompanied by vivid illustrations make the learning process easy to grasp. Find out the proper way to rustproof your car and how to get rid of scratches, dings and dents, all of which can add to the resale value of your car.