Books and Guides on Airbrushing Techniques

Books and Guides on Airbrushing Techniques: Equipment & Tools, Pro Tips & Tricks

Master a new skill with books and guides on airbrushing techniques available at The Motor Bookstore. Learn how to paint natural surfaces, the fine details of painting lifelike faces, hands and feet, and paint cars, motorcycles and planes accurate down to the most minute mechanical detail. These manuals come with step-by-step photos and illustrations to show exactly how to become an expert at airbrushing--the application of compressed air on metal, cloth or paper to create images that can either be realistic or abstract. Whether you want to airbrush on cars, signs, murals or T-Shirts, these informative volumes will point--and paint--the way. You will even learn how to select the proper paints and materials for your airbrushing project. Visit The Motor Bookstore and get these airbrushing primers with free next-day shipping.