Clymer & Haynes Motorcycle Manuals: What's Inside...

Motorcycle Manuals: What's Inside...

Clymer and Haynes motorcycle repair manuals provide easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions, to guide you through every job.

Expertly written, with the "weekend mechanic" in mind, these manuals allow enthusiasts to perform tasks ranging from basic maintenance, like oil and filter changes, all the way to a complete bike, engine and transmission teardown, inspection, service, repair and reassembly.

These shop manuals are, in fact, so comprehensive, that they are incredibly helpful even when it comes to a motorcycle ground-up restoration.

Clymer manual sample page

The manuals show detailed procedures, as well as exploded views of important components, that illustrate how assemblies fit together. This gives you a clear understanding on how to reassemble your vehicle correctly.

Although most procedures described can be accomplished with regular tools, some jobs — where specialty tools are required — may be better left to dealers or professionals. The manual helps you make an informed decision.

Clymer motorcycle manual sample page

Each manual also features hundreds of close-up photos and illustrations that accompany you through each procedure.

Additionally, clearly written instructions give you a "road map" to correctly dismantle and reassemble components. No more left-over parts!

Each manual is broken down in sections. From basic maintenance and tune-up to engine, transmission, electrical, cooling, etc.

In some cases factory tools may be required, and the manual will show this. These can be ordered from authorized dealers or through an online OEM reseller.

When working on your vehicle, please wear required safety equipment and use common sense. If you don't feel qualified to do the job, save yourself money, time and aggravation and take your bike to a professional mechanic. Nevertheless, read the appropriate chapter. This way, you'll be able to understand what's being explained to you and you'll know exactly what's necessary for the job.

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