1969 Buick Shop Manuals, Sales Literature & Parts Books on CD - PDF Format

1969 Buick OEM Manuals - CD
1969 Buick OEM Manuals - CD
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Item Description

This authorized licensed 1969 Buick Shop Manuals, Sales Literature & Parts Books on CD digital product is perfect for DIY mechanics or restorers looking for the most comprehensive service, repair and rebuild literature ever produced for their vehicles. The manuals and literature on the Detroit Iron digital products were originally published by the car / truck manufacturer for their dealership mechanics. Therefore, the manuals are very detailed as you can imagine.

The 1969 Buick Shop Manuals, Sales Literature & Parts Books digital PDF product includes the following specific OEM manuals / literature:


  • 1969 Buick Chassis Service Manual
  • 1969 Fisher Body Service Manual
  • 1940-70 Buick Chassis and Body Parts Illustration Catalog
  • 1969 Buick Sales Brochures and Data

The Detroit Iron digital product runs in a web browser and features a bookcase in a cool garage scene containing a set of PDF manuals, catalogs, brochures and nostalgia for a specific year, make and model. The PDF files are searchable, chapter bookmarked and printable. By clicking on a specific PDF file icon in the bookcase, the file will open into your favorite PDF reader or browser tab based on your specific browser settings for PDF files.


  • 1969 Buick Electra 225
  • 1969 Buick Electra 225 Custom
  • 1969 Buick GS 350
  • 1969 Buick GS 400
  • 1969 Buick LeSabre
  • 1969 Buick LeSabre Custom
  • 1969 Buick Riviera
  • 1969 Buick Skylark
  • 1969 Buick Skylark Custom
  • 1969 Buick Special
  • 1969 Buick Sportwagon
  • 1969 Buick Sportwagon Custom
  • 1969 Buick Wildcat
  • 1969 Buick Wildcat Custom

The Detroit Iron digital product includes professionally scanned copies of the original manufacturer shop manuals in pdf form. Most Detroit Iron digital kit products include a complete set of manuals for a specific year, make and model such as: Service Manuals (also called Chassis Manuals, Shop Manuals or Repair Manuals), Shop Manual Supplements, Body Service Manual, Parts Book Catalogs, Original Sales Literature - Color Brochures and/or Sales Data, Nostalgia/Trivia for the year - Entertainment, News, Sports and depending on the car maybe a special trivia section dedicated to it.

All factory service manuals include Body Information either within the service manual and supplements itself or in a separate manual. In addition to body information, the manufacturer factory service manuals include detailed steps, procedures, diagnostic information, troubleshooting tips and subsystem removal/installation instructions for vehicle subsystems and components.

To learn more about the look and feel of the Detroit Iron digital product, scroll down the page and review the Infographic for a visual demonstration.

NOTE: If you prefer direct access to the PDF files instead of going through the cool HTML bookcase, you can easily navigate into the folders of the digital product to access the secure PDFs directly. Also, you may copy the main folder or directory and its contents from the CD to your computing hard drive for faster viewing.

  • Publisher: Buick Motors Division
  • Binding: 5.625 x 4.875 inches CD-ROM in jewel case
  • Years: 1969
  • System Requirements: Any computing device OS that allows user access to the file system, e.g., Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Chromebook, etc. Any HTML Browser. INTERNET NOT REQUIRED

Table of Contents
  • General Information (normally VIN plate encoding is provided in this section)
  • Brakes - (Power and Standard systems)
  • Steering - (Power and Standard systems)
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Axles and Drivelines
  • Electrical Systems Instructions and Diagnostics
  • Engine Mechanical
  • Engine Fuel - (carburetors, pumps, lines, etc.)
  • Transmissions - (manual and automatic)
  • Accessories - (Power and Standard systems)
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Frame
  • Cooling System
  • Instruments and Guages
  • Lighting System
  • Fuel Tank and Exhaust Systems
Below - Detroit Iron Digital Product Feature Overview Infographic
Detroit Iron Digital Product Feature Overview Infographic
Questions & Answers about 1969 Buick OEM Manuals - CD

Questions & Answers about 1969 Buick OEM Manuals - CD

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1969 Buick Shop Manuals, Sales Literature & Parts Books on CD - PDF Format
Free Shipping (US48)
In Stock