1958 Edsel Transmission Manual


1958 Edsel Transmission Manual

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1958 Edsel Transmission Manual

MSRP: $34.00
Only $25.95
free shipping (US48)

in stock

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This OEM 1958 Edsel Transmission Manual is a high quality authorized licensed reproduction of the original shop manual published by Ford Motor Company. If you're looking to work on the innovative and classic 1958 Edsel automatic transmission, this service manual is the first tool you'll want to have. Here is an excerpt from the Foreword of this guide...

"This manual contains complete service information for the automatic transmission used in the 1958 Edsel Cars. Chapters One through Five explain in detail the construction, operation, and all the procedures and specifications required to check, adjust, replace or repair the various parts and assemblies of each transmission and torque converter. Chapter Six describes the operation and the necessary information for the overhaul of the Teletouch control system. Chapter Seven lists the tools necessary to service the automatic transmission as well as the required specifications."

You'll appreciate the detailed, step by step instructions, as well as the multitude and variety of visual aids. There are cut-away views, black and white photos, tables and illustrations included to assist in maintenance and repair. From band adjustments to transmission overhauls, this book has you covered.

With selector buttons located in the hub of the steering wheel. the Teletouch system was something different and offered a futuristic element to those Edsel models so equipped. This manual will walk you through the system. Did you know the famous Teletouch system incorporated a reverse and park inhibitor switch? It was located on the left side of the transmission case. This device prevented the transmission from being placed into P (park) at speeds above 3 miles per hour (mph), or in R (reverse) at speeds above 15 mph. Want to know how? It's in the book!


  • 1958 Edsel Bermuda
  • 1958 Edsel Citation
  • 1958 Edsel Corsair
  • 1958 Edsel Pacer
  • 1958 Edsel Ranger
  • 1958 Edsel Roundup
  • 1958 Edsel Villager

This manual is perfect for the restorer or anyone working on one of these vehicles. Clear illustrations show exploded views as well as component details and more. When it comes time to service and or repair the automatic transmission on your 1958 Edsel, be sure to trust this newly-printed and packaged version of the same manual prepared by the manufacturer for their mechanics back when these legendary cars first hit the showrooms.

Subject: 1958 Edsel Transmission Manual - Includes Detailed Procedures and Instructions. | OEM Part Number: FORM 5705


  • Construction and Operation
  • Maintenance and Adjustments
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Replacement
  • Transmission Overhaul
  • Teletouch Control System
  • Specifications and Tools


  • Publisher: Detroit Iron Publishing
  • Author: Ford Motor Company
  • Pages: 80 - Hundreds of b&w illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-7914-0634-9
  • Years: 1958