1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual - Licensed OEM Reproduction

1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual
1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual
1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual
1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual
1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual
1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual
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Item Description

This OEM 1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual is a high quality authorized licensed reproduction of the original shop manual published by Oldsmobile Division. When preparing to work on your 1950 or 1951 Oldsmobile, the first tool you'll want in your hands is this service manual. It is a comprehensive guide which covers all areas of these vehicles. You'll find information related to: lubrication, frames, front end suspension (shock absorbers, wheel alignment), rear suspension (differential, propeller shaft, shock absorbers), brakes, six-cylinder engine (carburetion), rocket engine (carburetion), clutch, Syncro-Mesh transmission, Hydra-Matic Drive, fuel tank and exhaust system, steering, wheels and tires, sheet metal, electrical system (starting motor, generator, current and voltage regulator, battery, distributor, lights), radio, body, torque specifications, paint specifications and general specifications. It includes wiring diagrams.

At the start of the 1950s, Oldmobile was a big player in the performance game, thanks to their "Rocket" engine. Here's how this manual describes this mighty motor..."The Oldsmobile Rocket engine, introduced in 1949 models, is of entirely new design having two banks of cylinders at a 90 degree angle. Overhead valves are used to accommodate the smaller combustion chambers necessary for high compression operation. Self adjusting hydraulic valve lifters keep the valve mechanism quiet under all operating conditions.

The Rocket engine, which is designed to withstand a compression ratio as high as 12.5 to 1, operates on an actual compression ratio of 7.25 to 1 which matches the octane ratings of the premium gasoline now on the market. The bore and stroke are 3-3/4" and 3-7/16" respectively."

This manual provides you all the specifications and information you'll need to handle a tune-up or a complete tear down, on either the Rocket engine, or the 6-cylinder. It's 634 pages loaded with well-written text and a huge number and variety of visual aids including: cut-away views, illustrations, black and white photos and tables. This comprehensive compilation of information will help to give you the confidence to tackle all manner of projects on your classic Oldsmobile. From under the hood, to inside the car, from top to bottom, from front to back, this repair manual is designed to give you the knowledge necessary to get (and keep) you motoring down the road.


  • 1950 Oldsmobile 88
  • 1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile 98
  • 1951 Oldsmobile Deluxe 88
  • 1950 Oldsmobile Series 76
  • 1951 Oldsmobile Standard 88
  • 1951 Oldsmobile Super 88

This shop manual is perfect for the restorer or anyone working on one of these vehicles. Clear illustrations show exploded views as well as component details, plus specs on engine data, engine torque, carburetion, and more. For service and repair on your '50 - '51 Olds, be sure to use this freshly-printed and packaged version of the same manual which was prepared for the Oldsmobile service personnel back when these cars were brand new.

Subject: 1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual - Includes Detailed Procedures and Instructions. | OEM Part Number:

  • Publisher: Oldsmobile Division
  • Pages: 634 - Hundreds of b&w illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Years: 1950 - 1951
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1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual
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Questions & Answers about 1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual

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1950 - 1951 Oldsmobile Shop Manual - Licensed OEM Reproduction
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