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MINI Cooper Car Repair & Service Manuals

MINI or Mini?

If you own a MINI (all caps), then you have a BMW-built New MINI. And if you own a Mini (only initial letter capitalized), then your car is a classic built by British Motor Corp. (BMC), or Austin, or Morris. Yes, it can be confusing, and who makes these rules, anyway? And for sake of argument, let's just call it a MINI.

Taking care of the mechanical aspects of a MINI is a lot easier when you have the right information by your side, and The Motor Bookstore offers a nice selection of repair and service manuals for both British- and German-built MINIs.

The manuals we sell, are loaded with all the technical information you need to know, presented with exploded diagrams, charts, schematics, and illustrations.

Unique Books for the Unique MINI

The manuals and books available from The Motor Bookstore for the MINI, take the do-it-yourselfer mechanic from maintenance and repairs to more advanced projects, like engine and tranmission repairs to performance enhancements.

The repair and service manuals from Bentley Publishers, are the most comprehensive DIY guides you will find anywhere, with thousands of close-up, detailed photos that complement the detailed text instructions so you can repair your MINI like the pros.

The performance guides we offer, are written and designed to take the reader through the possibilities for performance upgrades, including step-by-step procedures for upgrading shocks and springs, brakes, clutch and flywheel, turbo replacement, intake, exhaust, and much more.

In addition to these books, we also have a factory manual for older Minis as well as a Haynes restoration guide for the enthusiast who would like to breathe new life into a classic Mini, Mini Cooper or Mini Estate.

Browse the selections for repair guides, unique ideas and unconventional enhancements for your MINI.