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Dodge Pickup Truck, SUV Repair & Service Manuals

If you're looking for a Dodge truck repair manual for the lowest price, you've come to the right place.

The Motor Bookstore stocks DIY shop manuals for Dodge pickup trucks and Dodge/Chrysler SUVs by Chilton and Haynes, featuring step-by-step disassembly and reassembly procedures so you can repair, service or maintain your own vehicle. If you need a Dodge truck manual for the Durango, Ram or Dakota, you'll find them here.

Plus: Dodge Truck, Van Repair Manuals on CD, 1951-1981

You can fix your Dodge pickup!

The Dodge/Chrysler workshop manuals we sell are written for people who like to maintain and repair their own trucks or SUVs.

These DIY how-to guides go beyond the owner's manual that came with the vehicle. For example, the booklet that came in the glovebox tells you about maintenance schedules and the type of motor oil your truck uses, whereas a Chilton or Haynes repair manual tells you all that plus how to do it!

And one of these repair manuals will show you, with clear photos and simple text instructions, what steps you need to follow in order to service all systems of your Dodge/Chrysler truck or SUV properly. This includes simple maintenance to a complete engine or transmission teardown and rebuild.

Additionally, these manuals include wiring diagrams, so you can troubleshoot electrical problems. Need to replace the brake shoes or pads? Bleed the system? Detailed information and pictures will show you how.

At The Motor Bookstore we offer a great selection of Dodge and Chrysler truck and SUV repair manuals, at discount prices, ranging from the Ram 50, D50, Plymouth Arrow and Trail Duster of the late 70s to the Dakota, Durango, Ramcharger and RAM pickups of today.