Suzuki Repair Manual GSXR600 1997-2000, GSXR750 1996-1999

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Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR750 Repair Manual 1996-2000
Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR750 Repair Manual 1996-2000
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The 1996-2000 Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR750 sportbike repair manual by Haynes covers:

  • Suzuki GSXR600V, 1997
  • Suzuki GSXR600W, 1998
  • Suzuki GSXR600X, 1999
  • Suzuki GSXR600Y, 2000
  • Suzuki GSXR750T, 1996
  • Suzuki GSXR750V, 1997
  • Suzuki GSXR750W, 1998
  • Suzuki GSXR750X, 1999

Book Excerpt: 1996-2000 Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR750 Sportbike Repair Manual




  1. Remove the left-hand fairing side panel (see Chapter 8) and displace the coolant reservoir (see Chapter 3).
  2. Unscrew the gearchange linkage arm pinch bolt and remove the arm from the shaft, noting any alignment marks (see illustration). If no marks are visible, make your own before removing the arm so that it can be correctly aligned with the shaft on installation.
  3. Trace the wiring from the speedometer sensor on the front sprocket cover and disconnect it at the connector (see illustration).
  4. Unscrew the bolts securing the sprocket cover to the crankcase and move the cover aside (see illustration). On W, X and Y models, note the rubber bushing for the gearchange shaft and remove it from the cover if required.
  5. Bend out the tab in the cable retainer on the end of the release mechanism arm, then lift the arm and slip the cable end out of the retainer, noting how it fits (see illustrations).

    Slacken the cable adjuster locknut on the top of the cover, then unscrew the adjuster and withdraw the cable from the cover (see illustration).

  6. Thread the clutch adjuster at the lever end fully into the lever bracket, then back it off until its slot aligns with that in the lever bracket (see illustration).

    Pull the outer cable end from the socket in the adjuster and then release the inner cable from the lever (see illustrations). Remove the cable from the machine, noting its routing.

  1. Unscrew the two bolts securing the pad spring and remove the spring (see illustration).
  2. Remove the R-pin from the end of the pad retaining pin, and then withdraw the pad pin (see illustrations). Remove the pads from the caliper, noting how they fit (see illustration).
  3. Inspect the surface of each pad for contamination and check that the friction material has not worn beyond its service limit (see Chapter 1, Section 11).

    If either pad is worn down to, or beyond, the service limit wear indicator (ie the wear indicator is no longer visible), fouled with oil or grease, or heavily scored or pads must be renewed as a set.

    Note that it is not possible to degrease the friction material; if the pads are contaminated in any way new ones must be fitted.

  4. If the pads are in good condition clean them carefully, using a fine wire brush which is completely free of oil and grease to remove all traces of road dirt and corrosion.

    Using a pointed instrument, clean out the grooves in the friction material and dip out any embedded particles of foreign matter.

    Any areas of glazing may be removed using emery cloth. Spray with a dedicated brake cleaner to remove any dust.

  5. Check the condition of the brake disc (see Section 4).

Subject: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR750 service, maintenance, repair. ISBN-10: 184425061X | ISBN-13: 9781844250615 | Haynes 3553

  • Publisher: Haynes Manuals
  • Pages: 288 - Hundreds of b&w and photos, some color, and diagrams
  • Binding: Hardcover - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-84425-061-5
  • Years: 1996 - 2000
Table of Contents
  • Routine maintenance and servicing
  • Specifications
  • Lubricants and fluids
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Component locations
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Engine, clutch and transmission
  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • Ignition system
  • Frame and suspension
  • Brakes, wheels and final drive
  • Fairing and bodywork
  • Electrical system
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Tools and workshop tips
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Troubleshooting
Questions & Answers about Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR750 Repair Manual 1996-2000

Questions & Answers about Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR750 Repair Manual 1996-2000

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Suzuki Repair Manual GSXR600 1997-2000, GSXR750 1996-1999
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