Mercury Outboard 3-275 HP Repair & Service Manual 1990-1993

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Mercury Outboard 3-275 HP Repair Manual 1990-1993
Mercury Outboard 3-275 HP Repair Manual 1990-1993
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This Clymer B722 repair manual covers 1990-1993 Mercury 2-stroke outboards, including:

  • Mercury 3 hp, 3.3 hp, 4 hp, 5 hp single-cylinder
  • Mercury 8 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp, 20 hp, 25 hp 2-cylinder
  • Mercury 40 hp inline 4
  • Mercury 50 hp, 60 hp, 75 hp, 90 hp inline 3
  • Mercury 100 hp, 115 hp inline 4
  • Mercury 135 hp, 150 hp, 150XR4, 150XR6, 150XRi V6
  • Mercury 175 hp, 175XRi V6
  • Mercury 200 hp, 200XRi, 250 hp, 275 hp V6

Book Excerpt: 1990-1993 Mercury Outboard 3-275 HP Repair Manual



Breaker point contacts are normally light gray in color. Dirty breaker point contacts should be cleaned with a suitable contact file. Do not use emery cloth to dress or clean breaker point contacts.

Badly burned or pitted breaker points should be replaced (Chapter Seven). Badly burned or pitted points usually indicate a problem elsewhere in the ignition system such as a defective condenser, improper point gap adjustment or oil or other contamination on the contact surfaces. Refer to Chapter Seven for breaker point replacement and adjustment procedures.


If a no-spark condition is present, disconnect the stop switch and recheck the spark. If acceptable spark is now present at the spark plug, test the switch as follows:

  1. Connect an ohmmeter between the disconnected stop switch wires. See Figure 10.
  2. With the switch button not depressed, the meter should indicate no continuity.
  3. Depress the switch button while noting the ohmmeter. With the button depressed, the meter should indicate continuity.
  4. Replace the stop switch if test results are not as specified.

The primary ignition coil is located under the flywheel.
  1. Remove the flywheel as described in Chapter Eight.

  2. Refer to Figure 10 and disconnect the primary coil black / white wire.

  3. Calibrate an ohmmeter on the R X 1 scale. Connect the ohmmeter positive (+) lead to the disconnected black/white wire and the negative (-) lead to the coil ground.

  4. Primary coil resistance should be 1.5 ohms.

  5. Replace the coil if resistance is not as specified. See Chapter Seven.

Clymer Marine manuals are well-known for their thorough coverage for outboard motors. The Clymer B722 will undoubtedly help you do your own service and repairs on your Mercury 3-275 HP outboard so you can save. It has over 600 pages packed with repair instructions for all of your outboard components and systems, including wiring diagrams.

Pick up this fine manual. It is loaded with detailed step-by-step procedures with hundreds of diagrams and exploded views to enhance understanding of the repair steps...

Subject: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Mercury Outboard 3-275 HP service and repair procedures. ISBN-10: 0892875682 | ISBN-13: 9780892875689 | Clymer B722

  • Publisher: Clymer Manuals
  • Pages: 620 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-89287-568-9
  • Years: 1990 - 1993
Table of Contents
  • General information
  • Tools and techniques
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lubrication, maintenance and tune-up
  • Engine synchronization and linkage adjustments
  • Fuel system
  • Ignition and electrical systems
  • Power head
  • Lower unit gear housing
  • Power trim system
  • Power tilt system
  • Oil injection system
  • Manual rewind starters
  • Wiring diagrams
Questions & Answers about Mercury Outboard 3-275 HP Repair Manual 1990-1993

Questions & Answers about Mercury Outboard 3-275 HP Repair Manual 1990-1993

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As advertised
Great price for a brand new product . Was shipped, tracked and delivered on time. Thanks
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Rick verified customerAugust 24, 2014
Glad to have this one.
Paid for the book easily by fixing just the stator. Starter motor and rectifier were bad too. Also able to test all start and ignition components with excellent advice and illustrations. Better than I could have asked for. Fast delivery saved time and now have it for any future work. Sure wish I had found this before wasting money on a 3-day download scam.
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Mercury Outboard 3-275 HP Repair & Service Manual 1990-1993
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