How To Repair Your Motorcycle: Maintain, Diagnose, Repair, Tune-up

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How To Repair Your Motorcycle: Maintain, Diagnose, Repair, Tune-up
How To Repair Your Motorcycle: Maintain, Diagnose, Repair, Tune-up
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Motorcycles are all about speed and freedom. At least until a mechanical breakdown occurs. And nothing cramps your biking style like being dependant on an expensive motorcycle mechanic for every basic repair and adjustment.

It's time to declare your independence from high hourly shop rates and be master of your machine. With clear, easy-to-follow instructions for the most common repairs and maintenance areas, plus 50 do-it-yourself projects, How To Repair Your Motorcycle introduces readers to the rudiments of motorcycle maintenance and repair.

Illustrated chapters cover each of your bike's main systems — electrical, fuel, suspension, engine, driveline, etc. — followed by straightforward procedures that will add years to your motorcycle's life and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

How To Repair Your Motorcycle also includes troubleshooting charts and helpful tips and tricks. From preventive maintenance to keeping your bike looking new, this indispensable volume gives you the tools needed to keep your machine in top condition.

  • Publisher: Motorbooks
  • Author: Charles Everitt
  • Pages: 192 - Hundreds of color photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-76033-137-8
Table of Contents
How to Use This Book | The Icons | Know Your Motorcycle | What You Need in a Home Shop | Recommended Maintenance Schedule | Maintenance Schedule Chart PROJECTS: Adjust Controls to Fit You | Preride Check | General Lubrication | Checking Vital Fluids | Rolling Gear Checkup | Adjust Your Chain | Checking and Tensioning Your Drive Belt | Adjust Clutch and Throttle Free Play | Replacing Throttle Cables | Winterize Your Motorcycle | How to Wash Your Hands CHAPTER 2: FUEL SYSTEM
How It Works | Carburetors | Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) | Engine Management System | Taking Care of the Fuel System PROJECTS: Clean/Replace Your Air Filter CHAPTER 3: ENGINE
How It Works | Modern Combustion Technology PROJECTS: Change Your Fuel Petcock | Synchronizing Carburetors and EFI Throttle Bodies | Install a Jet Kit | Setting Float Height | Install a Power Commander | Change Your Oil and Filter | Shaft Drive Housing Oil Check/Change | Change Transmission and Primary Fluids | Adjust Intake and Exhaust Valves CHAPTER 4: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
How It Works | The Battery | Alternator and Charging System | Starting System PROJECTS: Headlight/Turn-Signal Replacement and Adjustment | Service Your Battery | Spark Plug Check and Replacement CHAPTER 5: COOLING SYSTEM
How It Works | Cooling System Maintenance PROJECTS: Check Your Coolant | Flush and Refill Your Cooling System CHAPTER 6: DRIVETRAIN
How It Works | Why a Transmission? | Chain Final-Drive | Rear Final-Drive | Shaft Final-Drive PROJECTS: Chain and Sprocket Replacement | Drive Belt Repalcement CHAPTER 7: SUSPENSION
How It Works | Springs & Dampers | Shock Absorbers & Rear Suspensions | Suspension Tuning PROJECTS: Measure Sag and Adjust Preload: Front | Measure Sag and Adjust Preload: Rear | Adjust Damping Settings | Suspension Troubleshooting Symptoms | Adjust Ride Height | Lowering Cautions | Change Your Fork Oil | Change Fork Springs | Install Aftermarket Shocks CHAPTER 8: FRAME
How It Works | Steel vs. Aluminum | Steel Tube Frames | Pressed Steel Frames | Aluminum Frames PROJECTS: Check Steering Head Bearings | Repack or Replace Steering Head Bearings | Swingarm Pivot Bearing Replacement CHAPTER 9: TIRES and WHEELS
How It Works | Tire Construction | Bias-Ply Construction | Radial Construction | Tire Choices, and How to Make Smart Ones | Sidewall Hieroglyphics and How to Decipher Them | Tires: Buy 'em Local or From the Web? | The Great Mount & Balance Act: What to Expect | Tire Pressure | Aftermarket Wheels: Carbon Fiber, Magnesium and Aluminum! Oh, My! | Caring for Bearings PROJECTS: Check Tire Pressure | Flat Fix | Removing Wheels | Tire Change | Valve Stem Replacement CHAPTER 10: BRAKES
How It Works | Hydraulic Brakes | Why Hydraulics? | Mechanical Drum Brakes | How to Detect Worn Pads | Brake Pads: How to Pick Mr. Right | Warning Signs of the Need to Bleed | Choosing the Right Brake Fluid | Braided Brake Lines | Aftermarket Brakes' Advantages | ABS and LBS PROJECTS: Caliper and Disc Service | Brake Pad Change | Brake Pad Break-In | Changing Hydraulic Fluid | Drum Brake Maintenance | Installing Stainless-Steel Brake Lines CHAPTER 11: EXHAUST
How It Works | Oxygen Sensor | Aftermarket Exhausts PROJECTS: Installing a Slip-On Exhaust | Installing a Full Exhaust System CHAPTER 12: KEEPING IT CLEAN
How It Works | Bike Wash 101 | Polish and Wax | Polishing Your Bike | Beginners' Detailing Tips PROJECTS: How to Touch Up Paint Scratches & Chips | How to Clean Your Bike
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Questions & Answers about How To Repair Your Motorcycle: Maintain, Diagnose, Repair, Tune-up

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How To Repair Your Motorcycle: Maintain, Diagnose, Repair, Tune-up
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