Acura Integra, Legend, Vigor, CL, TL, RL Repair Manual 1994-2000

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Acura Integra, Legend, Vigor, CL, TL, RL Repair Manual 1994-2000
Acura Integra, Legend, Vigor, CL, TL, RL Repair Manual 1994-2000
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This DIY repair manual by Chilton covers U.S. and Canadian models of 1994-2000 Acura Coupe and Sedan automobiles, including:

  • Acura Integra
  • Acura Integra Type R
  • Acura Legend
  • Acura Vigor
  • Acura 2.2 CL
  • Acura 2.3 CL
  • Acura 2.5 TL
  • Acura 3.0 CL
  • Acura 3.2 TL
  • Acura 3.5 RL

Book Excerpt: 1994-2000 Acura Integra, Legend, Vigor, CL, TL, RL Repair Manual



The radio may have a coded theft protection circuit. Make sure you have the code before disconnecting the battery, removing the radio fuse, or removing the radio.


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. If applicable, remove the front under panel.
  3. Gradually release the system pressure by slowly and carefully removing the radiator cap. Be sure to protect your hands with gloves or a shop rag.
  4. Drain the engine coolant into a sealable container.
  5. Remove the timing belt from the engine.
  6. Remove the camshaft pulleys and remove the back cover.
  7. Unfasten the five water pump mounting bolts, then remove the water pump.
  8. Remove and discard the old O-ring.
  9. Remove dowel pins from the old water pump.
  10. Clean the O-ring groove and the water pump mounting surface on the engine.

  12. Install the dowel pins to the new water pump.
  13. Position a new O-ring to the new water pump. Apply a small amount of sealant to the O-ring to hold it in position.
  14. Place the new water pump on the engine and install the mounting bolts. Tighten the mounting bolts to 10 inch lbs. (12NM).
  15. Install the back cover and the camshaft pulleys.
  16. Install the timing belt.
  17. Fill the engine with coolant and bleed the air from the cooling system.
  18. Connect the negative battery cable and enter the radio security code.
  19. Run the engine and check for cooling system leaks.


The easiest way to test the operation of the fuel injectors is to listen for a clicking sound coming from the injectors while the engine is running. This is accomplished by using a mechanics stethoscope, or a long screwdriver. Place the end of the stethoscope or the screwdriver (tip end, not handle)onto the body of the injector.

Place the ear pieces of the stethoscope in your ears, or if using a screwdriver, place your ear on top of the handle. An audible clicking noise should be heard; this is the solenoid operating. If the injector makes this noise, the injector driver circuit and computer are operating as designed. Continue testing all the injectors this way.

CAUTION! Be extremely careful while working on an operating engine, make sure you have no dangling jewelry, extremely loose clothes , power tool cords or other items that might get caught in the moving parts of the engine.


If all the injectors are clicking, but you have determined that the fuel system is the cause of your drivability problem, continue diagnostics. Make sure you have checked fuel pump pressure as outlined earlier in this section. An easy way to determine a weak or unproductive cylinder is the drop test.

This is accomplished by removing one spark plug wire at a time, and seeing which cylinder causes the least difference in idle. The one that causes the least change is the weak cylinder.

If the injectors were all clicking and the ignition system is functioning properly, remove the injector of the suspect cylinder and bench test it. This is accomplished by checking a spray pattern from the injector itself.

Install a fuel supply line to the injector (or rail if the injector is left attached to the rail) and momentarily apply 12 volts DC and a ground to the injector itself; a visible fuel spray should appear.

If no spray is achieved, replace the injector and check the running condition of the engine.

Subject: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Acura Integra, Legend, Vigor, CL, TL, RL service, maintenance, repair. ISBN-10: 0801990947 | ISBN-13: 9780801990946 | Chilton, 10302

  • Publisher: Chilton Manuals
  • Pages: 284 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.25 x 10.75 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-8019-9094-6
  • Years: 1994 - 2000
Table of Contents
TABLE of CONTENTS: Introduction: About this manual | Introduction | Vehicle identification numbers | Maintenance techniques, tools and working facilities | Buying parts | Jacking and towing | Booster battery (jump) starting | Conversion factors | Automotive chemicals and lubricants | Safety first! | Troubleshooting
  • Tune-up and routine maintenance
  • General engine overhaul procedures
  • Cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • Engine electrical systems
  • Emissions and engine control systems
  • Transmission
  • Driveline
  • Brakes
  • Suspension and steering systems
  • Body
  • Chassis electrical system
  • Wiring diagrams
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Questions & Answers about Acura Integra, Legend, Vigor, CL, TL, RL Repair Manual 1994-2000

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Acura Integra, Legend, Vigor, CL, TL, RL Repair Manual 1994-2000
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