1966 - 1971 Jeep Universal CJ / DJ Shop Manual - SM-1046 - Licensed OEM Reproduction

1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual (SM-1046)
1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual (SM-1046)
1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual (SM-1046)
1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual (SM-1046)
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This 1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual is a high-quality, PRINT, reproduction of the shop manual which was written and first published by the experts at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Jeep Corporation, for use by their dealership mechanics. Now, this great service manual can be yours!


  • 1966 Jeep CJ3
  • 1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ5
  • 1966 - 1968 Jeep CJ5A
  • 1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ6
  • 1966 - 1968 Jeep CJ6A
  • 1966 - 1971 Jeep DJ5
  • 1966 - 1968 Jeep DJ6
  • 1966 - 1967 Jeep Universal

Whether youíre working on 4-wheel drive CJ, or a 2-wheel drive DJ, this handy, 372-page manual has you covered. In addition to the well-written text, youíll be pleased to discover the directions have been thoughtfully paired with a huge number and variety of visual aids. There are black and white photographs, tables, charts, illustrations, exploded-views, cut-away views, wiring diagrams and more to assist you all along the way.

This helpful maintenance and repair guide provides you the factory specifications and instructions for projects from small to large. Beyond general data, areas covered include: lubrication, tune-up, Hurricane F4 engine, Dauntless V-6 engine, fuel system, exhaust system, exhaust emission control system F4 engine, exhaust emission control system V6-255 engine, cooling system, electrical, clutch, 3-speed transmission, 4-speed transmission, transfer case, propeller shafts, front axle, rear axle, steering, brakes, wheels, frame, springs, shock absorbers and body. Thereís also a chapter regarding miscellaneous items, such as extra equipment.

When youíre lucky enough to have a beloved classic, you donít mess around much with the winning formula. Fortunately, Jeep was aware of this and, while continuously making improvements, kept the scrappy little haulerís signature style intact in the late 60s and early 70s. When itís time to get to work on yours, this is the comprehensive guide to have. Itís a freshly-printed and packaged version of the factory source and, most importantly, retains all of the content from the original.

Jeeps are widely known as legends for getting you through all kinds of obstacles. This shop manual does the same for you when youíre working ON your Jeep. Order yours today!

This factory-written shop manual is perfect for service, repairs, restoration and rebuild projects. Clear illustrations and photos show exploded views, as well as component details, plus specifications on engine data, engine torque, carburetion and more.

Subject: 1966, 1967,1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual - Includes Detailed Procedures and Instructions. | OEM Part Number: SM-1046

  • Publisher: Jeep Corporation
  • Pages: 372 - Hundreds of b&w illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Years: 1966 - 1971
Table of Contents
1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual (SM-1046)
Table of Contents
  • General Data
  • Lubrication
  • Tune-Up
  • Hurricane F4 Engine
  • Dauntless V6 Engine
  • Fuel System
  • Exhaust System
  • Exhaust Emission Control System - F4 Engine
  • Exhaust Emission Control System - V6 225 Engine
  • Cooling System
  • Electrical
  • Clutch
  • 3-Speed Transmission
  • 4-Speed Transmission
  • Transfer Case
  • Propeller Shafts
  • Front Axle
  • Rear Axle
  • Steering, Brakes, Wheels
  • Frame
  • Propeller Shafts
  • Suspension - Springs, Shock Absorbers
  • Body
  • Miscellaneous - including Torque Specs
  • Index
Sample Page:
Below:1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual Sample Page - Piston
1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual Sample Page  - Piston
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Questions & Answers about 1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual (SM-1046)

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1966 - 1971 Jeep Universal CJ / DJ Shop Manual - SM-1046 - Licensed OEM Reproduction
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