Tractor Components Shop Manual: Carburetors, Clutches, Distributors, Generators, etc.

Tractor Components Shop Manual
Tractor Components Shop Manual
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The shop manual data contained in this manual covers the standard or proprietary tractor units used by, but not necessarily manufactured by, tractor manufacturers prior to 1970.

This manual is a compilation of two separate manuals: one provides general overhaul and troubleshooting data for bench repair and adjustments; the other provides specifications for standard units (marked with corrections).

For information covering the removal and installation of many of the units covered in this manual, please refer to the manufacturer and model specific I&T Shop Service manuals that are available.

Book Excerpt: Tractor Components Shop Manual: Carburetors, Clutches, Distributors, Generators, Magnetos, Regulators, more...



1. Satisfactory operation and reasonable clutch service life is vitally affected by the condition and alignment of units associated with the clutch.

These units are properly fitted and aligned when the tractor is built, but looseness or misalignment may occur after long usage, due to wear, loosening or accidental distortion, and shifting of parts.

Renewal of clutch parts without consideration of these conditions will usually result in poor operation and premature failure of parts.

If clutch does not operate properly or if renewal is required, the following examples will help to locate sources of trouble, either in the clutch or in associated units.

Application of alignment data given is particularly important where premature clutch failure has occurred.



  1. Insufficient or zero clutch pedal free travel.
  2. Operator riding clutch pedal.
  3. Oil or grease on clutch facings.
  4. Worn or burned clutch facings.
  5. Wrong clutch facing material.
  6. Release levers out of adjustment.

Subject: Tractor Components Shop Manual: Carburetors, Clutches, Distributors, Generators, Magnetos, Regulators, etc. ISBN-10: 1599691906 | ISBN-13: 9781599691909 | Clymer/I&T Manuals part # SU

  • Publisher: I&T - Clymer Series / Haynes Manuals
  • Pages: 100 - Hundreds of b&w photos and diagrams
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-59969-190-9
  • Years: 1900 - 1970
Table of Contents
TABLE of CONTENTS: (Shop Manual)
CARBURETORS: General overhaul | Carter Series BB | Carter Series UT | Carter Series WO | Marvel-Schebler Series DLTX | Marvel-Schebler Series TRX | Marvel-Schebler Series TSV | Marvel-Schebler Series TSX | Marvel-Schebler Series TTX | Tillotson Series YC | Tillotson Series YX | Zenith Series K | Zenith Series TU | Zenith Series 22 | Zenith Series 28 & 228 | Zenith Series 50 | Zenith Series 61, 62, 161 & 162 | Zenith Series 63 | Zenith Series 67 | Zenith Series 124½ & 193½ | Zenith Series 261-8 | Zenith Series 267 CLUTCHES: General | Auburn (Atwood) | Borg & Beck Type A & E | Borg & Beck Type Q | Long Type 8 CB | Long Type 9CF, 10CF, 11CF | Rockford II, RM, RR & TT DISTRIBUTORS: Auto-Lite & Delco-Remy | Wico GENERATORS: Auto-Lite & Delco-Remy MAGNETOS: Bosch MJB | Bosch MJC | Bosch MJH & MRD | Case 4CMA | Case 4JMA | Case 41 | Edison-Splitdorf CD | Edison-Splitdorf RM | Fairbanks-Morse FM | Fairbanks-Morse FM-X | Fairbanks-Morse RV | International-Harvester F4 & F6 | International-Harvester H4 | International-Harvester J4 | Wico C | Wico X RELAYS and REGULATORS: Auto-Lite & Delco-Remy STARTING MOTORS & SWITCHES: Auto-Lite & Delco-Remy VALVE ROTATORS: Positive Type | Release Type

TABLE of CONTENTS: (Specification Manual)
CARBURETORS: Carter Calibration Data | Marvel-Schebler Calibration Data | Tillotson Calibration Data | Zenith Calibration Data CLUTCHES: Auburn | Borg & Beck | Borg & Beck Type Q | Long | Rockford | Rockford (IH Tractors) DISTRIBUTORS: Auto-Lite | Delco-Remy | Wico GENERATORS & REGULATORS: Delco-Remy Generators | Auto-Lite Generators | Auto-Lite & Delco-Remy Relays | Auto-Lite & Delco-Remy Two-Charge Regulators | Auto-Lite & Delco-Remy Voltage & Current Regulators HANDY TABLES: Decimal Equivalents | Drill Size Inch Decimal Equivalent | Tap Drill Sizes for Approx. 75% Full Thread | Woodruff Key Dimensions | Cutting Lubricants | and more MAGNETOS: All Models SPARK PLUGS: AC | Auto-Lite | Champion STARTING MOTORS: Auto-Lite | Delco-Remy

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Questions & Answers about Tractor Components Shop Manual

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Tractor Components Shop Manual: Carburetors, Clutches, Distributors, Generators, etc.
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