Chilton's Engine Code Manual for Domestic and Imported Vehicles

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Chilton's Engine Code Manual
Chilton's Engine Code Manual
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What do you do when the dreaded "Check Engine" light comes on?

The first thing you should do is - don't panic. Think of it as your vehicle letting you know that something's wrong and you need to pay attention to it.

But what do you do next?

With the assistance of the Chilton Engine Code Manual, you'll be able to understand and decipher what the on-board computer is telling you.

Get a copy of this engine code manual and keep it handy in the garage so the next time you see that Check Engine warning light illuminate, you will know how to handle the situation properly.

Subject: Automotive engine code manual for domestic and import vehicles. ISBN-10: 0801988519 | ISBN-13: 9780801988516 | Chilton 8851

  • Publisher: Chilton Manuals
  • Pages: 288 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-8019-8851-6
Table of Contents
  • Hot to use this manual: Basic maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Tools and equipment
  • Air pollution and automotive emission systems
  • Vehicle self-diagnosis
  • Component service
  • Basic maintenance and troubleshooting: Where do I start?
  • Safe vehicle servicing tips
  • Automotive tools and equipment: What tools do I need?
  • Air pollution and automotive emissions: Air pollution
  • Emission lamp resetting procedures
  • Basic fuel and emission operation: Fuel injection systems
  • Carburetor systems
  • Domestic vehicle self-diagnostic systems
  • Import vehicle self-diagnostic systems
  • Component service procedures
  • Warranty information
  • Glossary
Questions & Answers about Chilton's Engine Code Manual

Questions & Answers about Chilton's Engine Code Manual

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Chilton's Engine Code Manual for Domestic and Imported Vehicles
Free Shipping (US48)
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