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Land Rover, Range Rover Repair Manuals

Whether you own a Land Rover or a Range Rover from the 1970s-on, The Motor Bookstore offers a wide selection of factory shop manuals and even a few factory parts manuals.

From Land Rover to Range Rover...

The first Land Rover was built in the U.K. in 1948 and, according to 4x4 lore, it was inspired by the American WWII Jeep and the prototype was built, as a matter of fact, upon a Jeep chassis.

Since day one, the Land Rover became an icon recognized the world over and manufactued in many countries. Its long and honorable lineage has also had many owners, the latest being Tata Motors.

Starting in the early 1980s, Land Rover and Range Rover introduced many luxurious SUVs — compact, mid-size and full-size 4x4s — and we offer a great selection of the original factory service manuals for both marques.

These manuals are OEM guides, which means they were published by the people who built these vehicles, with hundreds of pages full of illustrations and text describing every component.

The Motor Bookstore's library of repair manuals for modern Land Rover and Range Rover SUVs, features the most popular books available, which allows you to take care of your vehicle properly. From basic maintenance to advanced repairs, if necessary. The manuals we sell, cover it all.