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Get Your Captain's License 5th EditionGet Your Captain's License 5th Edition

Get Your Captain's License: The Complete Study Guide 5th Edition - Charlie Wing, Jim Austin

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Get Your Captain's License 5th Edition Book Overview

Obtaining a maritime license is hard work, but Get Your Captain?s License: The Complete Study Guide will give you a leg up over everyone else. It's the most advanced test preparation guide available for U.S. Coast Guard captain's exams. The book is updated regularly to keep up with changing requirements and the current edition can help with many of the most sought after ratings such as the charter boat and 100-ton Master's license.

A captain's license can help save money on insurance and lets you take on paying passengers. It's a necessity for maritime professionals. Get Your Captain?s License: The Complete Study Guide is the fastest and most affordable way to prepare for these important exams. It features:

  • "Six Pack" for Master and Mate Near Coastal and Inland and Sail/Auxiliary Sail Endorsement
  • More than 380 pages of navigation and seamanship instruction
  • About 1600 exam questions and answers from the Coast Guard Exams
  • Printed Book Purchase - Includes URL and 20% discount to an Online Book Version - with 11,000 exam quesitions.

This is the only test prep anyone will need for the USCG captain's license.

About the Authors

Charlie Wing has authored seven books on boating and received his captain's license more than a decade ago. Dr. Jim Austin is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and taught USCG license courses.

Subject: Maritime: Test Study Guides: Test prep for the U.S. Coast Guard captain's exams. ISBN-10: 0071848371 | ISBN-13: 9780071848374 | McGraw-Hill 48374

Table of Contents


What this Book is About | Using the AutoExam Software | Recommended References


Do You Qualify? | Experience Requirements | Completing the Forms | Application Forms


Part A — General | Part B — Steering and Sailing | Part C — Lights and Shapes | Part D — Sound and Light Signals | Rules of the Road Questions and Answers


Ship Handling | Heavy Weather Operations | Docking and Undocking | Mooring and Anchoring | Measuring Depth | Towing Operations | Ship Construction | Stability | Displacement and Load Lines | Marlinspike | Splices | Knots | Block and Tackle | Ship's Business | Pollution Regulations | Regulations (CFRs) | Deck General Questions and Answers


Weather | Sea Ice | Tides | Tidal Currents | Charts and Publications | Aids to Navigation | Locks and Dams | Compass | Loran | GPS | Radar | Navigation General Questions and Answers


Emergencies | Life Rafts and Floats | Signaling | Fire Fighting | First Aid | Small Engine Operation | Safety Questions and Answers


Latitude, Longitude, Distance and Course | Dead Reckoning | Fixes by Bearings | Running Fixes | Relative Bearings and Distance Off | Current Set and Drift | Current Vectors and Course to Steer | Plotting Sheet to Photocopy | Chart Practice Problems | Navigation Problems Questions and Answers


Auxiliary Sailing Vessels | Sails | Auxiliary Sail Questions and Answers


Rules of the Road | Deck General | Navigation General | Safety | Auxiliary Sail


Part A — General | Part B — Steering and Sailing | Part C — Lights and Shapes | Part D — Sound and Light Signals | Part E — Exemptions | Annex I — Positioning and Technical Details of Lights and Shapes | Annex II — Additional Signals for Fishing Vessels Fishing in Close Proximity | Annex III — Technical Details of Sound Signal Appliances | Annex IV — Distress Signals | Annex V — Pilot Rules


  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Author: Charlie Wing, Jim Austin
  • Pages: 384 - Hundreds of color and b&w illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 x 1.75 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-07184-837-4
  • Get Your Captain's License 5th Edition